January Graduation Information


You or your child have attended the correct amount of classes needed for graduation.  You will still need to know the material and demonstrate good attitude, focus and behavior during class.

Here is a link to information on what is required at each rank.

What I Need to Know For Graduation

Graduation Night is Friday, January 26.

  • Li’l Champions 6:00 pm
  • Junior White-Yellow-Orange Belts 6:45 pm
  • Junior Purple-Blue-Green-Brown-Red Belts 7:30 pm
  • Adults Thursday, January 25 at 7:00 pm (This will be a regular class as well).

Invite family and friends to come watch.  

Wear full gi (uniform).  Do not come wearing a tee shirt without your uniform top.

Please do not arrive to your graduation earlier than 10 minutes prior to your graduation time.  This will allow us to set up for graduation as well as allow the other group to leave and have their photos taken.

Exam Weeks Begin January 15 and go through January 25.  See below in How to Prepare for Graduation for more information.

Complete the required Graduation Forms Online.  See below for details.


How to Prepare For Graduation

If you have been in class this week, we have been preparing for exam weeks, which start next week.  Here is information for parents and students regarding Graduation.

  1.  Practice.  Make sure you know your kata and self defense.  Also make sure you are working on the details.  Are your stances where they should be? Tight fists? Guard up when you’re working in class?  Foot shape on kicks?  Are your kicks ALWAYS above the belt?  How about your fitness?  Are you confident in your kata?  Are you using your voice to project your kiais, not just saying them?
  2. Be at Class!  You need to make sure you are attending both an “A” and a “B” Day to be tested during class.  We highly recommend attending both the first week, just in case you’re not as prepared the first try, you can get a second time.  Also, with all the illness going around, you may not be able to get in.  You are always encouraged to attend an “A” and a “B” Day each week, but if you don’t make it to both classes both weeks during exam weeks AND you HAVE passed your testing, you will be okay missing a class.
  3. Complete Your Testing Forms!  There are forms for parents, students and teachers to complete.  They are below.  They are all available online to complete online.  If you don’t have access to a computer, please let us know and you can complete it at the dojo.

Here are the forms required for each age group.

Li’l Champions:  a) Parent Form and b) Teacher Form (for school aged children or homeschooled children, the parent will complete this)

Juniors (White-Red Belts):  a) Parent Form and b) Teacher Form (for students in 6th Grade or below or homeschooled children, the parent will complete this) c) Student Form (if the student is in 7th Grade or Above.

Adults:  a) Student Form b) Parent Form if the student is still in school.

Here are the Graduation Forms

Parent Graduation Form:  https://crissiboyermecom.typeform.com/to/LZu9es

Student Graduation Form:  https://crissiboyermecom.typeform.com/to/z2fBkN

Teacher Graduation Form:  https://crissiboyermecom.typeform.com/to/wXmW9D

(Please copy and paste this for the teacher in an email or text.) 

INSERT STUDENT’S NAME HERE is eligible for promotion to INSERT BELT COLOR HERE at SCS Martial Arts and Fitness.
In an effort to make sure the students are demonstrating good character in and out of the dojo, they ask that you complete this short questionnaire.  This email gives you permission to complete it on behalf of INSERT STUDENT’S NAME HERE. 
We would be honored if you would like to watch the performance! INSERT STUDENT’S NAME HERE’s Graduation is scheduled for Friday, January 26  at INSERT TIME HERE!
It is located at SCS Martial Arts and Fitness, 7980 American Way, Daphne, Alabama.  
The Graduation should last about 30 minutes.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this. We are really proud of INSERT STUDENT’S NAME HERE.
Very truly yours,

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