This page is current as of July 2, 2020

Follow These Procedures if You want to Attend Class in the Dojo.

Follow These Procedures if You want to Attend the Zoom Class from Home.

Please do not show up at the dojo if you have not pre-registered for classes AND received a confirmation by text or email.

Only Register For Classes if you are coming into the dojo. You Do Not Need to Register for Zoom Classes.

We will be offering classes that accommodate kids and adults but we will have separations for rank. Lil Champions, White, Yellow and Orange Belts will have one class per day, while we offer three other classes for the Purple to Black Belts. This will allow families to attend one class since we are not allowing spectators at this time.

No Spectators are allowed, but you can watch on the Zoom Class if you would like.

We will be continuing our Zoom Classes for a little while longer as we understand not everyone is ready to get back to normal and we appreciate that.  There are some challenges in making that work during a live class so you get a similar experience and we are working through that as well. Links to the classes can be found here.

Masks will be recommended but not required.  If you pre-ordered a mask, we have them at the dojo for you. All Instructors will be wearing masks for now.

We will be continuing the Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday Schedules until we can resume contact.  Currently Ms. Crissi is dealing with some confirmed non-covid related health issues that we are trying to sort out before committing to more than the current schedule.

Thank you so much for your support, patience and encouragement.  We are also working on ways to do the graduation for May and our Black Belt Graduation.  Many of our vendors have been closed down during this time so it’s a challenge.


Here are the steps you will need to take. Any questions, please text Renshi at 251-209-2688

  1. You will need to update your Spark Member App. Details on how to use it are here. We have been utilizing this since September of 2019.

2. You will need to preschedule your classes by 2:00 pm. Here is how to do it. Do not show up at the dojo for your class time unless you have pre-registered. As spaces are limited, late cancels or no shows will be charged a $10 fee.

You will also receive a text confirmation that you are in the class because we are still ironing out the registration system. You can contact Ms. Crissi at 251-458-6111 if you have not received your confirmation by 3:00 pm on the day you plan to attend class.

3. You will need to follow all instructions on all the pages here.

4. You will need to be able to answer these questions with a “NO” in order to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS.

5. Temperatures will be taken with a forehead thermometer that will be disinfected between uses at the dojo. NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. You will have to complete a COVID-19 waiver. This only needs to be done once.

7. You will have to follow all directions at the dojo.

8. Watch this video .