How to Register for the SCS Winter Invitational

  1. Go to 
  2. If you have an account, click LOGIN at the top of the screen
  3. If you don’t have an account, click CREATE ACCOUNT at the top of the screen.
  4. Complete the information to Register: 
  5. Then verify your email address by checking the email box you entered in the registration, open the email and click the VERIFY button.
  6. Then refresh the website, it should show your name at the top now.
  7. Scroll down to the Events section and click SCS Fall Invitational.
  8. Then click Register (Blue Box in the center of the page) Here you will Choose a Profile if you already registered in the past.
  9. If you do not see a person’s name there, you need to Create New Person.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. All the next information should be about the competitor you are registering.
  12. Enter in the information including your Martial Arts Handle (this is your username) 
  13. Enter your birth date in this format  1975-07-22.
  14. Enter a guesstimated height.
  15. Enter your gender.
  16. Enter your guesstimated weight.
  17. You can enter a Profile Picture.
  18. Facial recognition has to do with any photos that Sport Martial Arts or other photography entities may use to find who is in a photograph.  If you are against using this to identify your competitor, click no.  If you’re okay with it, click yes.
  19. Continue completing the profile with other basic information.
  20. Please enter Sam Boyer as your instructor.
  21. The Team would be SCS.
  22. Click Submit
  23. Ranks This is the rank you are currently.  Unless you just moved up to a new rank within the past couple of months.
  24. You will click Add Rank
  25. Title will be the Color of Rank:  White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, etc.
  26. Awarded date will be the date you received it, guesstimate if you aren’t sure.
  27. Awarding School will be SCS Martial Arts & Fitness.  (if you type SCS it should show).
  28. Awarding Official will be Sam Boyer (either of the options are the same person)
  29. Style is American Kenpo.
  30. Competition Rank will be: Beginner is White, Yellow or Orange Belt. Intermediate is Purple, Blue or Green Belt. Advanced is Brown, Red or High Red Belt. Black Belt is any belt that is Black Belt or Higher.
  31. Once it shows your rank, you can click on the Actions to edit anything or Continue to move on in the registration process.
  32. School Information Enter SCS and it should bring up the school.
  33. Then enter your guesstimated start date at SCS.
  34. If you need to edit, click Actions, or click Continue to move on to the next step.
  35. Tournament Options
  36. Leave the box unchecked so you don’t use the calculate function. This refers to something that you will understand only if it applies to you.  If I have not given you specific instructions to click this box, DO NOT CHECK THE BOX.
  37. Click Continue.
  38. Choose Divisions for COMPETITOR NAME This shows you the divisions you are eligible for.   If you are unsure what divisions you would like to do, be sure to check with Ms. Crissi or Ms. Kyleigh.
  39. When you’ve checked your divisions, click Add Divisions
  40. Cart Summary
  41. The next page should be a verification of what divisions you’d like. At this point, you can edit it, go back and add more divisions, or Register Another Competitor following the same steps we did before.
  42. If everything looks right and you don’t need to add anything, click Continue. 
  43. It will take you to an Order Summary Page.  
  44. If you decide to add more divisions, you can easily do it by logging back in and going to My Orders, then click on the order number for the event you want to edit, then click View Registration, scroll down and check any divisions you are eligible for that you would like to add.
  46. You will be able to go to the event and scroll down.
  47. It shows My Attendance. Click on View Registration
  48. When the event is ready, it will give you your session time and ring to be able to know approximately when you are competing.