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Snow Ball

We will be hosting our first annual Snow Ball on Saturday, December 8 from 6 pm until at least 8 pm!

You may dress up as much as you want or dress comfortably.  There will be backgrounds for some great family photos and more.

We will have a dj for dancing, games and fun.  

Parents are asked to please supervise their children and it is not a drop off event.

Families are welcome.  It’s $5 per person or $20 per family, which will cover table settings, decorations and some little extras.  5 and under is no charge.

We will bring a main dish and a cake, and we’re asking everyone to bring a dish to pass and any drinks you would like.

We’ll have board games, cards and more.  It will be a great way to celebrate the fellowship within the dojo this holiday season.

Please sign up here.  Please bring cash to the dojo and we will check your name off the list.

Thank you for being part of our dojo family.

Click here to complete the RSVP

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Upcoming Events at SCS!

updated 6/18/2018


June 2018

June 25-29:  Patriotic Week

Wear your Red, White and Blue in the most creative way you can think of!

Saturday, June 30:  Make-up Classes (click for details)

July 2018

July 2- 9: Dojo Closed//US Open (details here)

July 10-13:  Water Week

Bring your own water gun and the last five minutes of class we will have a water brawl outside!  Don’t forget your towel!  You cannot come back in after you’re all wet!  Weather permitting!

Friday, July 13 7:00 pm November 3 Black Belt Spectacular Candidate Meeting (We will livestream on a private Youtube link if you can’t make it. Watch for details.)

Saturday, July 14:  Make-up Classes (click for details)

Monday, July 16 – Wednesday, July 25:  Exam Weeks (Click for details!  We are changing the way we do Exams!)

July 16-18:  Hyper Forms Camp (details here)

July 16-18:  Sports Week

Sports themed fun during classes.  Wear your favorite sports team shirt with gi pants and belt during class!

Thursday & Friday, July 19-23:  Dojo Closed//Hyper Certification

July 23-28:  Flashback Week

Raid your parents’ closets for their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s duds!

Thursday, July 26:  Graduation Night//NO REGULAR CLASSES (watch for details)

Saturday, July 28:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)

August 2018

July 30-August 2:  Hyper Weapons Camp (details here)

July 30-August 3:  Beach Fun Buddy Week 2

Bring a friend and wear some Beach Shorts and tees.  We will have some Beach Themed Fun in Class!  Friend must bring a permission form completed by a parent. scs liability waiver

August 6-10:  Popsicle Week

Get a popsicle after class this week

Friday, August 10:  Candidate Classes Start

Saturday, August 11:  Annual Nerf Wars (watch for details)

Wednesday, August 15:  1st Day of School

Friday, August 17:  Candidate Class

Saturday, August 25:  PreCheck 1

Friday, August 31:  Candidate Class

September 2018

Monday, September 3:  Closed for Labor Day

Friday, September 7:  Candidate Class

September 10-19:  Exam Weeks (watch for details)

September 20:  Graduation Night (watch for details)

Saturday, September 15:  PreCheck 2

September 21:  Candidate Class

Friday, September 28:  Candidate Class

October 2018

Friday, October 5:  Candidate Class

Saturday, October 13:  Final Exam

Friday & Saturday, October 19-20:  Music City SMACdown (click here for details)

Friday, October 26- Saturday, October 27:  Power Weekend (watch for details)

November 2018

Friday, November 2:  Spectacular Prep/NO REGULAR CLASSES (watch for details)

Saturday, November 3:  Black Belt Spectacular (watch for details)

Monday, November 5- Tuesday, November 6:  Jacob Wolfman of Martial Studios will be here for photographs (see info here)

November 5-14:  Exam Weeks (watch for details)

Thursday, November 15:  Graduation Night (watch for details)

Thursday & Friday, November 22-23:  Closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24:  Annual Holiday Sale (watch for details)

December 2018

Saturday, December 1:  Ugly Sweater and Christmas Cookie Party (watch for details)

Saturday, December 8:  Black Belt Candidate Boot Camp (watch for details)

December 24-January 1:  Dojo Closed for Holidays

2019 Projected Dates

Friday, January 4:  Candidate Classes Begin

We will have the rest of the dates updated by the beginning of August.  Thank you.





We’re enrolling!  Click here to find out about our program or see one of our Holiday Specials!


Click here for some great Holiday Sales and to Purchase one of the above specials!

Click here to schedule a FREE Private Introductory Lesson



If you’d like to be contacted by a member of our team, please complete the information below!

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Candidate Cycle for November 2019 Spectacular

Candidate Cycle for the November 2019 Spectacular starts soon!

Please see below for important information regarding Black Belt cycle.

  • We will have a candidate meeting/boot camp on Friday, November 16 at 6:15-8:45 pm for all who can attend.  It is highly recommended to get all your questions answered and be sure to know what to practice and how to practice.
  • Here is a bunch of Candidate information that I am continually updating!
  • Here you will find a list of tentative Black Belt Candidate Dates and required “stuff.”  2019 November Candidate Calendar
  • Please complete the following questionnaire with any dates between now and then that you will not be able to attend.  Please complete this no later than Saturday, March 30 to be considered in the final (unchangeable) dates. 
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Yellow Stripe Means Eligible for Testing

If your student has a Yellow stripe on one end of his or her belt, that means they are eligible to test.

Please understand this does not mean they have passed. They need to know material and need to have had enough classes to pass.

What material?

Rotating Curriculum

Gear Requirements

If your student has a yellow stripe, there is some things you’ll need to do!

  1. Congratulations! Make sure you attend classes during the weeks of March 11 through 20, where you’ll be tested in class to see where you are in the process. Sensei will check you and you may be awarded a red stripe or you may be told what to work on. You will have two opportunities for testing during these weeks! So you get one chance to test and not pass and one chance to try again, otherwise, you will be tested again in May.
  2. Please complete this form for students and adults.
  3. If you are in grades Kindergarten through Sixth Grade at school or homeschool, please have a school teacher complete this form. You can email them.
  4. When you have passed, you will be awarded a red stripe. This means you have passed and you will receive a new belt at graduation night, which is March 21. 5:45 Lil Champions|6:30 Juniors|7:30 Adults
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Ethan Gair Seminar

Register here!–PbJci


Only 29 spots left!Register here!–PbJci

  • Friday, March 8th
  • 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
  • The seminar is $25 per person, and private lessons are $60.

You will need to have a Bokken for this seminar, you can order them here or bring the one you used in the last seminar.  This is a discounted rate on the weapon.  The 29.5″ is $10, the 40″ is $12.  

Anyone who is less than 5’4″ should order the small, 29.5″ sword.  Anyone over 5’6″ should order the 40″ sword.


SCS Martial Arts & Fitness


Hyper Australia Athlete, Ethan Gair will be coming to SCS!

He’ll be here several days, so you’ll get to see him a lot, but he will be doing a special sword seminar on Friday, March 8th.

Details are coming, but if you’d like to order bokken (wooden sword) to train with Mr. Ethan, they are about $10.

The seminar will be $25, and private lessons will be $60.

 40″ (LARGE) BOKKEN (12.00) 
 29.5″ (SMALL) BOKKEN (10.00) 
 2ND SMALL BOKKEN (10.00) 
 3RD SMALL BOKKEN (10.00) 
 2ND LARGE BOKKEN (12.00) 
 3RD LARGE BOKKEN (12.00) 

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Kata sections 1 & 2

Many have been out with flu and other illness so we wanted to make sure you got the Kata. Black belts and beginners pretty much have these sections.

Black belts have demonstrated their ability to learn, practice and retain their new material, therefore do not need a video.

Please encourage students to practice, but not rely on the video for anything other than a refresher unless you were out sick.


Here is short 3 sections 1 & 2

or this one (It’s giving me a hard time)


Here is Kama set sections 1 & 2

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Friday, February 15 Schedule

  • Friday, February 15 Schedule
    • 4:00 Lil Champions and Junior Beginners ONLY
    • 4:45 Juniors Purple and Above and Adults All Levels
    • 5:30 Hyper 1
    • 6:15 Hyper 2
    • 6:15 Tournament Prep Class This Week
    • 7:00 Candidate Class

You can find out more information about all the other events on our announcement page!

Lil Champions and Beginners only at 4:00! Intermediates and Advanced may attend the 4:45 class.

Got new gear? Sizing information here.

Wanna take advantage of the great rate for the Jubilee Open? Registration and information here.Who should sign up for the Jubilee Open? You! We’ll help you sign up and add more information in the next couple of weeks.

Shirts will be in soon. We were just able to get enough orders this last week.

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Friday, February 8 Schedule

  • Friday, February 8 Schedule
    • 4:00 Lil Champions and Juniors All Levels
    • 4:45 Juniors Purple and Above and Adults All Levels
    • 5:30 Hyper 1
    • 6:15 Hyper 2
    • 6:15 Adult Hit Fit Class Wear workout clothes and bring your gloves and water!

You can find out more information about all the other events on our announcement page!

Black Belt Candidates! Precheck #2 is tomorrow! All your details can be found here! We welcome any Black Belts to participate and we love to have any students who would like to come watch! Sensei, Ms. Catherine and many others are in cycle! Come see them push through their fitness, knowledge and skills! Saturday morning 9 am until ??? Bring your coffee and cheer them on!

Got new gear? Sizing information here.

Wanna take advantage of the great rate for the Jubilee Open? Registration and information here.