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We're enrolling!  Click here to find out about our program! 2017 BROCHURE We are offering a Back To School Special that we've extended until September 15! We're waiving the enrollment fee and offering a six month paid in full special that lets you train for six months, including uniform and testing fees for only $650.  Hurry!  This offer ends September 15! Click here to schedule a FREE Private Introductory Lesson SCHEDULE A FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON OUR CURRENT SCHEDULE

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Graduation Forms

If you have not completed the required graduation forms, you will not be able to graduate. Here are the details. Here are the forms required for each age group. Li'l Champions:  a) Parent Form and b) School Teacher Form See below for a copy and paste version of this to email the teacher.  (For students in 6th... Continue Reading →

A Black Belt Is…

Sensei and I have been discussing Black Belt Cycle a lot lately.  It's a difficult process, and we have figured out that since 2007, when we had our first black belts entering cycle, he has led about 27 cycles. Every single one is different.  And it's a learning process through each individual cycle. Our first... Continue Reading →

Replacement Gear

Have you outgrown your sparring gear?  Need new foot gear because they are falling apart or look like socks? Please complete this form and Ms. Crissi will get with you about pricing and ordering. Here is a link to pricing information for sparring gear.

Dan Perez Seminar

We hope you enjoyed the Dan Perez Seminar!  We'd love to hear your key takeaways as both parents and students of the program! Photos from the seminar can be found here: (scroll down to the photos of dan and use the arrows) Please complete this form! Here's some cheat sheets on some of the... Continue Reading →

Black Belt Spectacular Practices

updated 2/2/18 This is to clarify the practices for Black Belt Spectacular. With illness, snow days and Mardi Gras, this is becoming a real challenge to coordinate.  If you are involved in the spectacular, you fall into one of two groups.    GROUP ONE INFORMATION IN BLUE TEXT:  Students who are just needing to be... Continue Reading →


Many students are approaching their renewal, please complete this form to find out your options for renewal.  You can also find answers to some of your questions below. Don't miss out on your last chance discount.  We are offering the 90 day option to those who are set to renew in March, but only through... Continue Reading →

Black Belt Candidates Belt Order

It's time to order those uniforms and belts!  This is for those students who will be promoting to Black Belt on February 16. Don't forget to bring your Black Belt Fee this weekend ($150), along with photos for the slideshow.  Also bring your essays and your music choice should be turned in unless you want... Continue Reading →

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