Sparring gear is required for Purple Belt.

It must be purchased through the dojo.  Details are here:  BBC Pricing

You can read a lot of how to fit the gear here, why sparring is important, etc.  SPARRING GEAR INFORMATION


Here is a video that was taken as I explained how to put on and fit the sparring gear with a student.  Thank you to Jen L. for her recording and the use of her son, Raymond, as my demonstration model along with the sweet, adorable, Callie!

Gear Checklist

  • Gear Bag
  • Head Gear (may look different)
  • Gloves (may look different)
  • Shins
  • Foot Gear
  • Rib Guard (may look different)
  • Jump Rope
  • Nunchakus (2)
  • Mouthguards (2)
  • Mouthguard Case
  • Athletic Cup (Boys Only – Adult Men should purchase one of these for sparring)

Details on fitting and Sparring Information can be found here:  SPARRING GEAR INFORMATION