Have you pre-registered for class?

Can you answer the COVID-19 Screening Questions with a “No”?

Please wait in your vehicle until your class has been announced or the A-Frame Sign shows the Questions facing out.

Have you completed the COVID-19 Waiver?

Have you read the safety procedures and protocol guidelines?

Please maintain six feet of distance between you and the person in front of you.

We will be offering classes that accommodate kids and adults but we will have separations for rank. Lil Champions, White, Yellow and Orange Belts will have one class per day, while we offer three other classes for the Purple to Black Belts. This will allow families to attend one class since we are not allowing spectators at this time.

You will be permitted into the dojo one at a time for the beginning of the 10 step process to having a great class.

  1. arrive and be invited in.
  2. your temperature will be checked with a sanitized forehead thermometer (we are awaiting the no touch one).
  3. your hands will be sprayed with a sanitizing spray
  4. you will be given a number that places you in the holding area where you will leave your shoes and water bottle.
  5. you will be called to the spot on the floor that corresponds with your number.
  6. your hands will be sprayed with a sanitizing spray
  7. you will go to spot
  8. you will enjoy a class
  9. you will put on your shoes and pick up your water bottle (If you brought one)
  10. you will be dismissed one at a time and your hands will be sprayed with a sanitizing spray one last time.