Summer at SCS

Summer is almost here!

At SCS, we do our best to make sure you stay cool and have fun while you continue your training through the summer!

Wanna try it out for the summer?  

Have you been considering martial arts, but wanted to wait until the summer to try it? Martial arts is a year round activity that enhances any sport and helps improve focus, confidence and character. Students train in physical fitness, martial arts in a safe, encouraging environment, as well as work real world self defense and bully situations to help them stand tall when dealing with kids who are trying to crush their spirit.

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If you know a friend who is interested and you get that friend to sign up for the summer program or a regular program, you get 25 points for your team in our Summer Fun Challenge!

You can find out more about our programs at! There’s information about our regular program and what we’re all about! Check out our announcements for the exciting Summer Fun Weeks we have throughout the summer!

  • The program offers 16 Classes May 29 through August 10. Attend classes twice a week. Includes Uniform and SCS Shirt. An offer to continue classes and begin earning belts on their journey will be shared at the end of June.
  • For Students ages 6-12, classes are offered Monday and Wednesday and Friday at 4:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:15 pm.
  • Ages 13 and up. 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday.
  • Li’l Champions. Mature 4 year olds to younger 6 year olds. Tuesday and Thursday 3:45 and 5:45 pm.
  • $149 (Regular rate is $138 per month).
  • Use Code SCSSUMMER18 for a $20 discount through May 28.

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Summer Fun Weeks, Camps and Planning for the Summer!

Don’t miss out on our Summer Fun Weeks, our Hyper Camps and our new Points System for the summer!

Also be sure to stay aware of Dojo Closings and Make Up Classes for the Summer!

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Going out of town?

No problem!  You can make up classes during any of the regularly scheduled classes, double up on weeks you’re in town, so you won’t miss anything when you’re out of town!

Let us know when you’ll be out of town so we don’t worry about you!