We will be offering some make up classes to comp some of the time we will be closed and to allow you to get in your training should you be headed out of town sometime this summer.  Please complete this form to sign up for the Make Up Class.  Thank you.


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A parent recently raised concerns over the number of classes offered based on the rate of promotion.  I wish to share this information with you.

To us, this is much more than a business, it’s a way of life, and we put all of our heart into it.  We do take many things into consideration when creating a schedule, curriculum and class plan.  We are always looking to improve the experience for your student.

Our promotions are based on an 8 week schedule.  It’s how we adjust our instruction of kata, etc.  It’s not something we go into great detail with everyone, because for the most part, it’s not an issue.  If a student misses a class, they make it up within a reasonable amount of time during any offered class for their age and rank.  However, I would like you to rest assured we strive to give you every value you can in our programs.

Our agreements state that our program is based on a 50 week per year schedule.  That allows us to close after Christmas, when we often travel for training and work on the dojo.  This is a time when classes are lowly attended and encourages people to spend time as a family.  Many extra curricular activities follow the school schedule, we do not.  We try to be open as often as possible.  Many extra curricular activities offer one or two opportunities for you to attend and rarely offer make up opportunities.  Many are not operational on Fridays and occasionally Wednesdays.  We do our best to offer an early time for those parents who prefer to and are able to get their classes done right after school, as well as a later time for those parents who work or prefer a later class time to allow for extra curricular activities.  We do our best to offer a schedule that allows you to participate in a sport as well as our martial arts program.

8 weeks at 2-3 classes per week.  Plus we offer extras such as Hyper and Jiu Jitsu, which we do not charge additional fees for, despite the fact that we have to pay extra for it and have to go be certified to teach those programs.   So an advanced student has 6-8 opportunities per week for training.

This cycle, May-July has 9 weeks in it.  We will be closed a few of those weeks as we travel with our team for training and competition.  This is an opportunity we offer to any students who would like to be a part of it.  We are not getting to have a long vacation.  Should you want to consider this in the future, please contact me by email.

That being said, here is the layout of the weeks and the classes offered for our Junior Students.  (Given, Adults and Li’l Champions don’t have as many options, and we are looking to adjust that in the future.)

1)Week of May 28//5 Classes plus a Make Up Class:  We were open for Memorial Day and also offered a Make Up Class on the 26, which was after graduation.  It was not highly attended.  We were closed for the Spectacular on Friday, June 1.  We hope you took the opportunity to attend and enjoy a rewarding, inspiring show.

2)Week of June 4//6-8 Classes:  Open for classes

3)Week of June 11//4-5 Classes:  Closed Thursday and Friday as we traveled to Atlanta for a tournament with some members of the team.  This is also an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge, with course offerings for school owners.

4)Week of June 18//6-8 Classes:  Open for classes

5)Week of June 25//6-8 Classes plus a Make Up Class:  Open for classes, including a make up class on June 30.

6)Week of July 2-9//Closed for US Open Tournament//No Classes Offered:  We will be sending out at home workouts and challenges.

7)Week of July 9//5-6 Classes, plus a Make Up Class:  Closed Monday, July 9

8)Week of July 16//4 Classes:  Closed July 19-20 for Hyper Certification.  Testing Week.  You will schedule your testing time to be ready for Graduation.

9)Week of July 23//5-6 Classes:  Testing/Graduation Week.  We will be closed Monday the 23rd.  You will schedule your testing time to be ready for Graduation.


This offers 41 to 48 class opportunities, plus three offered make up days (one is Memorial Day and it was included in the number above).  8 weeks, based on a 2-3 class per week schedule is 16-24 classes.  There are almost double the amount of class opportunities to required classes.  You are able to make up at any time during any of your age and rank class times.