Tee Shirts & More

Hello Team!

In this message, I am highlighting these points:

  1. Pre-order gi tees here.
  2. Until you have them uniform tops (gis) can be worn in class.
  3. Only the RISE tees can be worn in class, except on Fridays, when you may wear any SCS shirt, Hyper shirt or tournament shirt to class. (We announced that in November on our website and again during classes in December.)
  4. Yes, we will allow you to come to class if you wear the wrong thing, we will just remind you to wear the correct one.
  5. Please be sure you are receiving the Remind texts by sending a message to 81010 that says @scsma or check the announcements frequently.

First, let us say, Happy New Year! We are excited to be back in the dojo and looking forward to all the exciting things that are going on this year at SCS.

We are constantly battling to try to give the best communication to our students and make sure they know what is going on at all times. As we have students from the age of four all the way to seniors, it is hard to make sure we connect with each parent, student, grandparent, babysitter, etc. We give announcements in class, and we are working to have announcements on the television in the lobby. The best method we have found has been the Remind texts and our website. We understand that you are bombarded with information, and we try to streamline the information shared. All we ask is that if you could peruse the announcements sometime within the next few days after you receive a text, it would be most helpful to stay up to date with what’s going on and to help everyone maintain a positive attitude.

With that being said, many people missed our announcements regarding shirts, and we apologize for that. We are always torn between wanting a uniform and allowing our students to be more “comfortable.” It is a struggle to remind people to wear their Gi to Graduations, etc., but we have always felt that it made wearing that uniform more special.

Back in November, before Thanksgiving, we began announcing on our website and in class that after the New Year, we would require the newer Rise shirts to be worn in class and we offered them for sale from right after Thanksgiving until a week and a half later. When we received and delivered the shirts, there were a few extras, which we announced would go fast, and they have.

We have been selling shirts with the Rise logo on them for almost a year and as it is our newer logo, and our goal is to offer a uniform look. Much like the schools try to do and ask you to get a new shirt for each year.

Many students have had the same shirts for several years and they look it. Others have managed to make theirs stay fresh. In the interim, you may wear your uniform top to class.

We will be offering a preorder sale at the end of next week. Be sure to pre-order yours.

You may wear any SCS Shirt on Fridays.

this is the correct logo. it may be any color.

Thank you for understanding. We try to maintain a clean, hygienic environment and having more than one shirt is recommended. We will be offering the pre-orders next week, so be sure to watch the announcements and text messages. We try to order extras, however, as we are not a retail store, we cannot guarantee that we will have the size or sizes you want.

Thank you for being part of our dojo family and for supporting our program. We are blessed and honored that you choose to be part of it.