Why Should I Do Live Classes?

1)  It keeps you accountable for your training.

2)  We love seeing your face.

3)  It keeps you on track for your training.

4)  It’s fun to see your friends.

5)  We can take attendance and keep you on track for graduation.

6)  It keeps you in routine so you keep those habits like saying, Yes, Sir or Yes, Ma’am, so when we get to resume normal classes it’s not so difficult.

7)  We understand it is awkward and we don’t like it much either, but it’s the best we can do for now.

What Do I need for Live Classes?

1)  Log in to the classes.  The links can be found here.  

2)  You can use the app or any internet browser.  There has been concern about Zoom’s security, but for what we are doing, it’s not really something we are trying to keep secret and we have the paid version.  I checked with a security person who is very high up on the security in the military.  

3)  Please wear your uniform.

4)  While you may have a water bottle nearby, you usually can’t get drinks during class, so do your best to hydrate before and after the class.

5)  No eating during class.  We are seeing a lot of food during class and are constantly having to address it.

6)  Stay Focused and Work Hard

Where Do I Find the Katas?

1) You find them in the Spark App.

2) If you are not seeing this on the Spark App, you can find info on downloading here.

3) If you have an apple device, this should open up in the app.  

4) If you have a non-apple device, it may not open up in the app, as the videos are linked from Google Drive. We are working to change this to Youtube, its a tedious process.  However, if you are using a non-apple device, click the link, you may need to login to your google drive, and it probably won’t play in the app, but if you go to the google drive outside of the app, the video will be there.

5) If you are not seeing the kata you need, please let me know.  251-458-6111.   It may be a login issue or I may need to tag you for the katas you need.

6)  Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this strange time.  We love you all!