You may also visit this page for a better clarification of when you may attend classes.


We are having classes in the dojo. There are a lot of procedures and protocols that will need to be followed. You can see them here.

You do not need to register for the Zoom Class. Only the in person class. IF YOU REGISTER FOR THE CLASS TO ATTEND IN PERSON AND DO NOT, YOU WILL BE CHARGED A $10 FEE. You must cancel prior to the confirmation being sent out. (about 2:30 pm)

We will be offering classes that accommodate kids and adults but we will have separations for rank. Lil Champions, White, Yellow and Orange Belts will have one class per day, while we offer three other classes for the Purple to Black Belts. This will allow families to attend one class since we are not allowing spectators at this time.

See these pages for further information.

Join our in person classes that we are practicing our protocols for safety during this time. We are also sharing the Zoom Classes and will be for the foreseeable future. We are working to make these work together to offer the “in person” experience for everyone. Parents will be able to spectate through the Zoom Links if they are interested in watching, as no spectators will be allowed at this time.

Monday Links

5:45 Lil Champs & White through Green Belt All Ages

6:45 Purple to Black Belt All Ages

Tuesday/Thursday Links

4:00 Beginners & Lil Champs

5:00 Purple through Black Belts All Ages

6:00 Purple through Black Belts All Ages

7:00 Purple through Black Belts All Ages*

If you are asked for a password: smile

Friday Links

4:30 Martial Arts Drills & Fitness All Levels

5:30 CMX Class You can also see what we are working on here.

6:30 Black Belt Preparation Class You can see what we are working on here. (updating details soon) There will be no Zoom Class on Friday, July 10.

Why Should My Student Do The Zoom Workouts?